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After years of constant efforts, the lawmakers in Alabama finally agreed to legalize medical cannabis, making this state the 37th in line to legalize cannabis. Eight Years of Waiting Cannabis supporters in Alabama had waited eight long years to receive the legal status for medical cannabis. A bill to legalize cannabis in this state was […]

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A total of 36 states in the US have already legalized medical marijuana whereas 19 states have accomplished legal status for recreational use. Although this has enabled users to freely consume cannabis under predetermined regulations, there has always been a threat of federal intervention. The MORE Act of 2021 is proposed to change this by pushing to […]

Cannabis has been legalized in a majority of the US states already. Yet, there is considerable debate in various departments regarding the effects of cannabis consumption. One such grey area is impaired driving. There have been a few studies on how cannabis-impaired driving is the root cause of increased accidents. However, the research remains inconclusive due […]

A study conducted recently has been published in the Journal of Substance Abuse. It highlights that there is no profound evidence available that links the legalization of cannabis and expanded establishment of dispensaries with increased use of cannabis amongst youth. To carry the study forward, top researchers from Harvard University, John Hopkins University, and the […]

In both the United States of America and the U.K. there’s a lack of sufficient reliable evidence in favor of products that have been infused with full-spectrum hemp extract. EU Novel Food Catalogue & The Reclassification of Derived Products Comprising Cannabinoids However, in the year 2019, the European Union (EU) launched their Novel Food Catalogue […]