Cannabis Legalization Around the Globe

Though the last year has been tough for everyone across the globe with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we can undoubtedly find some silver linings associated with the year 2020 as well. The top thing among them is the extended legalization of cannabis in multiple countries across the world.

The spread of the virus resulted in an increased level of anxiety and depression among individuals. It also caused a dramatic downturn in world economics. Considering both scenarios, many countries worldwide began working on the legalization of the cannabis plant – giving rise to the cannabis industry at an entirely different level.

Beyond the United States, the wave of cannabis legalization also entered various European states such as Australia, Canada, as well as Brazil, and many more. However, two countries, New Zealand and Mexico, fell short of support when it came time to vote on cannabis legalization. 

All in all, many countries tend to be in the middle or near the stage where they may legalize cannabis cultivation, selling, and consumption altogether with standard policies and restrictions. The total number of nations with cannabis legalization is expected to double by the end of the year 2021 and may continue to rise in the upcoming years.

Among the states near to or struggling with the legalization of cannabis, Mexico, Israel, South Africa, and Luxembourg top the list. Please take a look at where they stand and what challenges they face in getting the cannabis plant legalized!

Mexico – The Decision Remains in The Hands of Lawmakers

Though Mexico looks quite enthusiastic about cannabis legalization, they follow a much slower route towards it with continuous breaks and obstacles. Instead of passing legislation themselves, Mexico’s federal lawmakers are supposed to ensure it passes five times, as their supreme court has passed a five-ruling prohibition. 

Though the fifth decision for the law was made in 2018, the Mexican lawmakers had received extensions twice as they needed additional time to go through the bill in the first instance and the next time due to the pandemic.

Though these extensions and delays are creating a negative impact on the nation, especially when they are already dealing with corrupt policing, drug violence, and cartels, Mexican lawmakers and citizens are striving very hard in upgrading and advancing their cannabis reforms. 

Lawmakers passed a bill for decriminalizing cannabis in November 2020. Also, a medical bill is in progress in Congress as well. The experts suggest that Mexico’s upcoming decision over cannabis legalization would set up the biggest medical marijuana market in Latin America. The final decision is expected to be made by April 21st, 2021, by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Israel – Near to The Legalization of Cannabis

Israel is one of the backbone nations in the advancement of the cannabis industry. There are also signs Israel may be expanding its medical marijuana market, which was approved back in the 90s. 

Progress has been witnessed during 2020 when two bills meant for cannabis decriminalization got passed by the legislators in June. Following these bills, Israel further expanded its efforts into strengthening its medical marijuana market by breaking the records of Germany and becoming the biggest importer of medical cannabis.

Not just limited to the developments mentioned above, the cannabis industry saw the Justice Minister of Israel, Alvi Nissenkorn pressing the recommendations for a multi-dimensional view over cannabis legalization. 

These recommendations led to the formation of cannabis reform proponents from all the involved parties in Israel. The state is expected to legalize cannabis within nine months as soon as the bill’s memo gets approved by all parties.

South Africa – Lawmakers at the Verge of Making Their Final Verdict

As the wave of cannabis legalization hits African nations, South Africa is expected to be the first to revise its laws to make the cannabis plant legal across the country.

Their courts have legalized the use of cannabis inside homes across South Africa for quite a long time. However, a proposal for recreational legalization of cannabis was made back in September 2018. 

Similar to Mexico’s case, a deadline was provided to the lawmakers of South Africa to prepare the regulations. Though the deadline was long enough, equivalent to two years, the lawmakers missed it, and recreational use remained illegal while the consumption of cannabis inside homes is legal.

Experts are not surprised the deadline was missed. South African lawmakers worked on the bill and came up with some adequate regulations such as determining the limit cap of marijuana allowed in possession and the limit of consumption The state could soon make its final decision as soon as the courts issue a new date for processing the cannabis decriminalization bill.

Luxembourg – Delaying but Willing to Legalize Cannabis Soon

Maybe not this year but very soon, Luxembourg is to become the first European state to legalize adult cannabis usage across all the country. In February 2019, this small nation initiated the plan to legalize the use of cannabis fully and finally reached the legalization of medical marijuana in 2018, overcoming all the struggles and obstacles. 

The news is still a rumor and has not been confirmed by the state authorities; it says that all citizens age 18 and over have been allowed to purchase cannabis while non-citizens have been prohibited from purchasing. Also, the country does not allow growing cannabis inside homes.

Following the models and reforms of Canada, Luxembourg has come up with a much more compact and fine bill detailing each point in the legalization of cannabis, such as cultivation policies, consumption policies, marketing, and promotional restrictions necessary. While these countries work through their struggles of legalizing cannabis, you can always get your medical marijuana card in Florida and purchase your favorite cannabis products. All you need to do is pass our patient qualification test, and an MMJ Health medical marijuana doctor will issue you the card if you qualify based on your symptoms and medical condition. Don’t wait, get the help you need today!