Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card at Home

Florida has made it even more convenient for medical marijuana patients to renew their cards through telehealth.

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Say goodbye to time-consuming appointments and long waits in crowded waiting rooms. With MMJ Health Telehealth, you can renew your medical marijuana card from the comfort and privacy of your own home. It’s as simple as a video call. You’ll gain access to knowledgeable and caring MMJ Health doctors without leaving your home.


Telehealth is currently available for medical marijuana card renewals in Florida. It’s important to note that by law, your first appointment must be in person. MMJ Health will guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Any office scheduling first patient evaluations and/or transfers not previously seen by said physician via telehealth are in clear violation of FL Statute 381.986

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Our team of experienced and compassionate doctors is ready to assist you. With years of expertise in medical marijuana evaluations, our professionals ensure a seamless telehealth experience. Rest assured that your health and privacy are our top priorities.

How It Works

At MMJ Health, we value your time and convenience. Please note that while, by law, your first appointment must be in person, all subsequent card renewals can be done through our secure and confidential telehealth platform. No need to travel or disrupt your busy schedule. No confusing tech, no special software, no smart phone needed, it can be done even on a landline!


Unlike other medical marijuana doctors in Florida, MMJ Health files all paperwork for you.

Rejection Rate

Because MMJ Health files your paperwork for you, we have one of the lowest rejection rates in the state.

& time-saving

Renew your card from anywhere, at a time that suits you.

Experienced Doctors

Trust our knowledgeable team for expert evaluations.

& Secure

Your privacy is paramount, and our telehealth platform is designed with your protection in mind.


MMJ Health ensures adherence to Florida’s regulations, so you can have peace of mind.

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Renewing your medical marijuana card has never been easier. Take advantage of the convenience of MMJ Health Telehealth. Schedule your telehealth appointment now by making an appointment here.

Disclaimer: Telehealth services are subject to availability and are in compliance with Florida state regulations. Initial appointments must be conducted in person. Please consult our team for further information.