Cannabis Flower Haze Strain

Haze: Know Your Cannabis Strain Perhaps Haze is one of the most popular phrases related to cannabis, and one of the more familiar strains to reveal multiple names in the game. The Haze cannabis strain has become a household name in the cannabis community over the years, thanks to its high THC levels and stimulating […]

Zkittles Cannabis Strain

Top Cannabis Strain Guide: Zkittles with a Z Zkittlez is an award-winning Indica dominant cannabis strain known for its blissfully calming effects and medium potency(16-21% THC). This top cannabis hybrid strain begins with an increased drive for action, where the Sativa effects energize and motivate you to start an activity. Shortly after, the Indica features […]

Cannabis Flower and Concentrates

Edibles vs. Concentrates: Which is for You? Modern cannabis users have many choices at their disposal. They can opt for the type of strains they want to use, the dosages they want, and even their preferred way of consumption. While such liberty has enabled the US cannabis industry to scale massively over the years,  newbies […]

Friends celebrating four-twenty

Celebrating the 51st Anniversary of 4/20 in A Post-Pandemic 2022 Those who smoke marijuana know that April 20th is a holiday, even if it isn’t recognized on an official calendar. It’s a day set aside each year to appreciate the many gifts that cannabis brings into the world. Hemp, for example, is a strong fiber […]

Stargazer Strain Cannabis Flower

Stargazer Strain There’s no denying that society views cannabis differently today than ever before. People have increasingly become aware that cannabis strains can help treat different diseases, ailments, and mental health problems. Not so long ago, it seemed impossible for cannabis to get out of the shadows and be embraced for its many benefits. But […]

Moon Rocks Strain Cannabis Bud

Moon Rocks Strain: What is it? Moon Rocks Cannabis The best thing about being a cannabis user today is that you have countless strains to choose from. There are Indicas, Sativas, hybrids, strains with therapeutic effects, strains that offer a psychoactive buzz – the options are endless.Amidst all this competition, there is one strain that […]

Different Cannabis Flowers

Best New Strains of 2022 Cannabis use is gaining popularity worldwide. Although fewer teens are using it, the number of adult cannabis enthusiasts has risen significantly. This is because of the new infusion methods enabled by advancements in technology. You can now produce a wide selection of cannabis-based products like beverages, cooking oils, gummies, chocolates, […]

Wedding Cake Cannabis Flower

Cannabis Strain Guide: Wedding Cake Hybrid The Wedding Cake cannabis strain is an award-winning cross blend well known for its dynamic flavor profile and intense effects. The strain is extremely popular among recreational and medicinal marijuana users. Let’s explore the Wedding Cake hybrid. Is Wedding Cake Indica or Sativa? Recognized as a top cannabis strain, […]