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CBD versus THC: What is the Difference? Marijuana is an incredible plant with a myriad of benefits when it comes to mental, physical, and even emotional health. However, there are quite a few individuals who are unfamiliar with the difference between THC and CBD. In short, CBD is not psychoactive while THC is, but there […]

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MMJ Health Guide to Microdosing Cannabis Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, and it has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the legalization of medical marijuana in many states. Florida is one of the states that have legalized medical marijuana and have helped millions of patients seek relief using cannabis […]

Marijuana 420

Best 2023 Florida Marijuana Doctor’s Guide on 420 With 420 just around the corner, our award-winning medical marijuana doctors at MMJ Health are sharing the inside tips on how to celebrate 420 in the best way this year. Whether you’re new to the world of medical marijuana or a seasoned patient, there are plenty of […]

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The Best Topical Cannabis Products for Pain Relief When the 2018 Farm Bill amended the Controlled Substances Act to remove hemp from the legal definition of marijuana, it opened up an entire new industry for cannabidiol (CBD) products. Over the counter CBD products are the hot new thing in pain relief, and there is some […]

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How to Use CBD As an Exercise and Recovery Aid In the cannabis community, one of the most vocal advocate groups has been athletes, both casual and professional. Of cannabis’ many beneficial applications, the use as a workout aid for enhancing both performance and muscle recovery is significant. Not only is it useful but everyone […]

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A Guide to Road Trips with Legal Hemp Products A Guide to Traveling with Legal Hemp Products: Road Trips Travel and cannabis have always been a challenging subject. Because of the matter of federal legality, you can’t take THC-bearing cannabis across state lines between two legalized states. But you can travel with hemp. Hemp-based products […]

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Cotton mouth: Everything You Need to Know Cotton mouth, or dry mouth, is a common side effect of cannabis use. The condition occurs when certain chemical compounds contained in marijuana bind with cannabinoid receptors in a process that lowers the production and flow of saliva in the oral cavity. In this guide, we go into […]

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Medical Marijuana Laws in Florida If you’re a Florida state resident, you may be generally aware that medical marijuana is permissible under state laws, but that recreational cannabis is still considered illegal. In this article, we’ll define exactly what legal limitations are in place under state law, so you won’t be at risk for violating […]

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August 2022 Updates to Florida Cannabis Purchasing Limits Starting Monday, August 29th, 2022, daily milligram limits of cannabis products that can be dispensed by a medical marijuana treatment center is changing. In compliance with Florida law and Department of Health regulations, the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR Registry) is updating specifically the daily mg of […]