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Viruses attacking the immune system

Can Cannabis Aid Your Immune System? Both uses as non-users today have a consensus on the fact that medical cannabis does offer a broad range of therapeutic benefits. However, recently, experts have started suggesting that despite the pros of cannabis, excessive consumption may actually suppress our immune system’s response. The question is, is it good that […]

Two doctors talking

Clinicians Believe in Cannabis Therapeutic Effects The legalization efforts for cannabis consumption continue to flourish in the United States of America. So far, 36 states have already legalized either medical, recreational, or both cannabis forms while Alabama is set to become the 37th state to legalize medical cannabis. The demand and support for cannabis has certainly grown […]


Can CBD Help Treat Cancer? Cannabinoid (CBD) is one of the many compounds found inside cannabis. Once found at vitamin or novelty shops, it’s now available commonly at your regular dispensary and even at the grocery store in multiple edible forms. From CBD oil which can be dropped under the tongue, to roll-ons for topical […]

Plastic model of half a human brain

Research Reveals How Cannabis Can Treat PTSD Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition associated with witnessing or surviving a traumatic event. PTSD impacts approximately 8 million Americans every year. Alarmingly, PTSD symptoms can vary from person to person. Some people face agitation, sleep difficulty, and memory flashbacks, while others experience nightmares, impaired […]