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August 2022 Updates to Florida Cannabis Purchasing Limits

Starting Monday, August 29th, 2022, daily milligram limits of cannabis products that can be dispensed by a medical marijuana treatment center is changing.

In compliance with Florida law and Department of Health regulations, the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR Registry) is updating specifically the daily mg of THC that can be dispensed by a medical marijuana treatment center. 

The updated limits are being recalculated as daily doses to fit a 70-day supply, which excludes low-THC cannabis. For example, a 70-day limit of cannabis in the form of smoking cannot exceed 24,500 milligrams of THC.

The new daily limits will be as such: 

Route of AdministrationDaily Dose Amount70-Day Supply Limit*
Edibles60 mg THC4,200 mg THC
Inhalation (e.g., vaporization)350 mg THC24,500 mg THC
Oral (e.g., capsules, tinctures)200 mg THC14,000 mg THC
Sublingual (e.g., sublingual tinctures)190 mg THC13,300 mg THC
Suppository195 mg THC13,650 mg THC
Topical (e.g., creams)150 mg THC10,500 mg THC
Marijuana in a form for smoking2.025 gramsN/A

Will I be able to get as much Medical Marijuana Medication? 

Most patients will notice very little to no change in how much they can buy. 

Anyone who sees changes to their medical marijuana medication may be eligible for a milligram exception through MMJ Health submitting a Medical Marijuana use Registry Request for Exception form.

We are awaiting more guidance as to what constitutes a need for exception for the state but will be glad to submit them on behalf of a patient who needs the exception.

Every approved exception will be valid for the duration of your medical marijuana doctor’s certification, meaning that every new certification your medical marijuana doctor creates that exceeds the new daily limits will require its own Request for Exception.

Can I Request a Medical Marijuana Use Exception at the OMMU?

Yes, a qualified patient of an approved physician can be exempt from the new daily dose limit if they have successfully submitted the “Request for Exception” form in the Registry. 

Upon submission, the OMMU (Ofiice of Medical Marijuana Use) is required to approve or dissaprove your exemption within fourteen (14) calendar days of submission. 

MMJ Health will happily facilitate input a Medical Marijuana use Registry Request for mg Exception for patients who need to have an exception. We are still awaiting more guidance from the state as to what does and does not constitute a need for exception.

How Much Does it Cost to File a Medical Marijuana Use Registry Request for Exception?

While we are aware that other offices are charging up to $65 to file for the exception the first time, MMJ Health is currently not charging until we understand the true scope of work to have one of these exceptions filed. We genuinely never want to charge for this, and would guarantee it if we could, but we are stuck waiting to see how difficult and labor intensive the state has made the new process. We are doing our best to keep the administrative cost at nothing or as close to nothing as possible to facilitate this for our patients. 

When Does This Go into Effect?

These changes go into effect on Monday, August 29th, 2022 as Emergency Rule 64ER22-8. However, any physician certification active before August 29th will remain valid for the remainder of their certification. 

We are learning this info at the same time our patients are. Please be vocal to the Medical Marijuana Use Department and call 800-808-9580 if you dislike the limits. We certainly have.

Why Is the Smoking Dispensation Process Changing?

The Department of Health (DOH) is changing the MMUR so that it is consistent with the law. Under the law, patients are eligible to purchase a maximum of 2.5 ounces in any 35 day period. In other words, the registry will no longer function in pre-defined 35 day periods but it will rely on 35-day rolling periods based on purchases. Purchases will be limited to both the amount recommended by the physician and the patient’s personal dispensation history against the 2.5oz statutory limit for the previous 35 day period.

Is There Anything I Can Do If I Am Close to Maxing Out My Smoking Recommendation or If I Exhaust It?

As a medical marijuana patient, if you regularly exhaust your 2.5oz prescribed flower recommendation, it is advisable that you track available limits and plan purchases accordingly. Remember that with the 35-day rolling periods you will no longer be able to exhaust a recommendation on the last day and purchase again the following day when a new recommendation starts. 

You will need to purchase strategically as any smokable cannabis you bought in the previous 35 days will be considered as part of the 2.5oz limit.

Where Can I Keep Track of My Available Limit?

MMUR will be rolling out an update to include an “Amount Available Calculation Page”. This page will show you how much product has been dispensed to you in the supply period, how much available product can be dispensed, and your dispensation history. Please make sure to check this page regularly and to use this information to purchase accordingly.

Please read the Official Medical Marijuana Use guide on the “Amounts Available Calculation Page.

How Will These New Changes Work?

Each time you buy a smokable flower will subtract from your available dispensation limit for 35 days. After 35 days it will be added back. Put simply, each purchase of smokable cannabis has its own 35-day schedule. 

How Much Can You Buy From a Dispensary At A Time in Florida?

As previously explained, Florida has set a limit according to which patients cannot buy more than 2.5oz of smokable marijuana within any given 35-day stretch of time. Medical marijuana doctors cannot recommend more than 2.5oz of smokable cannabis although it is technically possible that the doctor will recommend you lower amounts depending on your medical marijuana treatment and what you need.

How do I Edit or Cancel My Orders?

Please read the Official Medical Marijuana Use guide on the “Edit/Cancel Orders

Where Can I Stay Up-to-Date?

Our Facebook page will serve as the most up-to-date resource so please follow our page and turn on notifications so you do not have to repeatedly check it.

For patients without a Facebook account, come back to our website to see updates.

What Else Can I Do?

Make your voice heard is to contact your local elected representatives as they have the most power to make changes. Here is the link for you to look up who your representative is and their contact info.

As always, MMJ Health appreciates your cooperation and understanding as this continues to develop. 


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