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Why Does Vaping Make Me Sneeze? Medical marijuana may be consumed via a number of administration routes, including vaping. Almost every major cannabis distributor now includes a form of oil-based vapor in their product lines. These oils usually come inside a clear cylinder known as a cartridge. However, since the popularity of vaping cartridges has […]

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Medical Marijuana Laws in Florida If you’re a Florida state resident, you may be generally aware that medical marijuana is permissible under state laws, but that recreational cannabis is still considered illegal. In this article, we’ll define exactly what legal limitations are in place under state law, so you won’t be at risk for violating […]

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August 2022 Updates to Florida Cannabis Purchasing Limits Starting Monday, August 29th, 2022, daily milligram limits of cannabis products that can be dispensed by a medical marijuana treatment center is changing. In compliance with Florida law and Department of Health regulations, the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR Registry) is updating specifically the daily mg of […]

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Mimosas: Not Just A Bubbly Drink The increasing growth of the Cannabis industry has led to the introduction of more strains. Among the new favorites from the breeder Symbiotic Genetics is the Mimosa strain, also known as purple Mimosa. While not the most well-known Cannabis strain, the Mimosa is one of the up-and-coming strains. Its […]

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All about 420? Try 420 Investing! Lately, there has been a lot of drive towards investing in cannabis. After the 2020 presidential election, with the establishment of a Democratic presidential administration and Congress, there were high hopes in the industry, evident by the increase in stock prices. Although there have been disappointments because of slow […]

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Top Cannabis Strain Guide: Zkittles with a Z Zkittlez is an award-winning Indica dominant cannabis strain known for its blissfully calming effects and medium potency(16-21% THC). This top cannabis hybrid strain begins with an increased drive for action, where the Sativa effects energize and motivate you to start an activity. Shortly after, the Indica features […]

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Celebrating the 51st Anniversary of 4/20 in A Post-Pandemic 2022 Those who smoke marijuana know that April 20th is a holiday, even if it isn’t recognized on an official calendar. It’s a day set aside each year to appreciate the many gifts that cannabis brings into the world. Hemp, for example, is a strong fiber […]

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Veterans Choose Medical Marijuana as Treatment for PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or syndrome, has fallen upon 6% of the population. That is 15 million adults in the United States who have reoccuring problems and need effective care each year. But the problem is much bigger, and even more serious, than we would like to think. […]

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Best New Strains of 2022 Cannabis use is gaining popularity worldwide. Although fewer teens are using it, the number of adult cannabis enthusiasts has risen significantly. This is because of the new infusion methods enabled by advancements in technology. You can now produce a wide selection of cannabis-based products like beverages, cooking oils, gummies, chocolates, […]