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With the world’s economy facing severe setbacks amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many states and municipalities have legalized cannabis consumption. A report conducted recently explains that the legalization of medical marijuana worldwide is expected to fuel the global cannabis industry and give a boom to economic health at the same time. When many American states legalized cannabis […]

In 2016, Florida state legalized medical marijuana when the state voters passed Amendment 2.  It appears to be a hopeful step for people who require medical marijuana for their chronic pain treatments prescribed by medical marijuana doctors in Florida.  The study, published by The European Journal of Pain, stated that patients who used medical marijuana […]

By now, you’ve likely heard the almost miracle-like anecdotes from “patients” on the news about medical marijuana as it becomes more mainstream. When I hear these stories, I have to wonder: are they legitimate? I had to know the TRUTH, so I arranged to sit down with Dr. Anne Lynn Morgan, the Chief Medical Officer […]