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2022 Updates to Florida Smokable Cannabis Purchasing Limits Changes are being made to the Medical Cannabis program in Florida. Though previous rollouts were unsuccessful, there will be a  35-day rolling smokable cannabis purchasing limit. Starting April 5th, 2022, smokable cannabis purchasing limits will change from a pre-defined 35-day period to a rolling 35-day period based […]

Did you know that about 8 million Americans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) every year? That is around 3.5% of the entire population that has to deal with this illness. People suffer from different degrees of this disorder, ranging from mild to serious. According to an estimate, a majority of the people (36.6%) who experience PTSD undergo serious […]

The US cannabis sector has witnessed a stark growth in the past decade. Despite the swift progressions, the industry has faced several hindrances due to the federal bans on cannabis. The researchers undergoing studies on cannabis had to go through a complex process to acquire samples for testing and experimentation. However, that is on the […]

Due to varying intensity, treating headaches and migraines for some people can be extremely difficult. Bright lights, loud noises, pungent scents, and other intense outside factors can prevent some people from being able to go about their work and other normal day-to-day activities.   A study found that more than four million American adults suffer from […]

Florida’s medical cannabis industry has recently been at the forefront, taking measures to expedite its growth and compete with the big guns like California.  The Florida cannabis market has made yet another leap, filing a petition that enables users aged 21 and over to grow cannabis inside their homes. Some people believe that the timing […]

The storage of cannabis has several do’s and don’ts that are fairly standard overall. However, the exact guidelines can vary depending on your living arraignments, budget, aesthetic style, and geography. The article primarily deals with preserving cannabis in winter. The winter season is very different in Florida compared to winters in Vancouver. So, if you […]

With THC and CBD’s ever-evolving popularity, their characteristics and properties have become quite well known among both patients and professionals. Research has uncovered a long list of benefits – making them the most effective and in-demand components of cannabis.  However, 100% original extracts of THC and CBD might not offer great therapeutic effects individually as […]

Each year, countless cannabis dispensaries penetrate the industry providing users with multiple online and offline avenues to purchase cannabis from. However, regardless of the state you reside in, you require a valid medical marijuana card in order to purchase cannabis. For instance, Floridians require a valid Florida medical marijuana card to buy cannabis from their […]