Florida Home Growing Law

Florida’s medical cannabis industry has recently been at the forefront, taking measures to expedite its growth and compete with the big guns like California. 

The Florida cannabis market has made yet another leap, filing a petition that enables users aged 21 and over to grow cannabis inside their homes. Some people believe that the timing is not right for such a major ballot and that its chances of marching forward are quite low.

Sensible Florida PAC

The action committee Sensible Florida PAC announced this petition, followed by an aggressive campaign that will help the petition move forward to the next stage for approval. A similar petition was previously deemed unconstitutional, halting the progress in the sunshine state.

Previously, the petition fell back due to certain language issues that were misleading. For example, one of the main parameters was the age limit specified (21 and older). The committee was asked to put limitations on age-eligible people rather than taking age as a primary limiting factor.

In other words, limitations should be put on age-eligible people rather than allowing those at or over 21 years of age to benefit from the potential new law. The word “use” should be explained in deeper detail, and that it must not be synonymous with “growing” or “possessing” cannabis.

The petition was led by Michael C. – A trial lawyer, Director NORML, Founder and President of Sunshine Cannabis, and a longtime advocate of cannabis. He, along with David Rakower – The President of The Game of Zonk – are pushing this measure for the 2022 election in pursuit of removing prohibitions on recreational use of cannabis in this state.

Around 70% of people contributed to the approval of medical cannabis back in 2016. Studies show that over half of that are also in support of recreational cannabis.

What the Amendment Requires

According to the proposed bill, users over the age of 21 will be allowed to grow up to 18 plants per household indoors. However, users will not be allowed to sell it to anyone, and the strains grown will only be permitted for personal consumption. This could be great for users since buying cannabis from dispensaries may be costlier than enjoying a homegrown THC-induced strain.

What’s surprising is that cannabis advocates who own dispensaries also vote in favor of this bill, despite knowing that it may cost them some clients.

A total of 891,000 signatures are required for this ballot to enter the courts for review. Currently, over 200,000 signatures are left. Advocates are sending petitions to as many voters as possible in order to get the required signatures so the ballot can progress in 2022.

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