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GG4: Your Next Cannabis Bestie

You might think Gorilla Glue is an unusual name for a strain of cannabis, but the name is actually fairly appropriate. As this strain of cannabis was being developed, its originator Joesy Whales, noticed that the resin was so sticky that everything started sticking to his fingers, just like the adhesive. Because he was looking for a name for this new strain of cannabis, it was natural that he settled on Gorilla Glue. Since its original development, the GG4 strain has acquired several nicknames, including GG #4 and Original Glue, and is often referred to by these alternate names.

Gorilla Glue has become extremely popular with veteran cannabis users, for one reason because of its high THC content. Since this is a strain that is 60% indica, 40% sativa, it leans more toward the head-high sensation rather than the body-high imparted by a more sativa-dominant strain. This strain has a worldwide reputation of being a deeply satisfying strain of cannabis that will banish aches and pains, and replace them with a more euphoric state of being. It is well-known for providing a very powerful state of euphoria, and for chasing away aches and pains.

Medical marijuana patients frequently turn to GG4 to alleviate the symptoms of bipolar disorder, chronic pain, appetite loss, insomnia, chronic fatigue, ADHD, and migraines and headaches. Its potency, popularity, and effectiveness have been recognized by industry experts, who have awarded prizes to the Gorilla Glue 4 strain in both California and Michigan. This article will provide some background on this much-loved cannabis strain, so you’ll know a lot more about it when you’re looking for something new and effective to try.

What is the origin of Gorilla Glue 4 Strain?

The origins of Gorilla Glue 4 strain involve the creation of a new hybrid, using parents Sour Dub, Sour Diesel, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem’s Sister. These were established strains that were themselves fairly potent, and they imparted all those wonderful qualities to the new strain. This new strain turned out to be extremely potent, and evokes sensations of pine, diesel, and chocolate, all rolled into one. It was quickly found to be extremely good at inducing relaxation and a deep state of euphoria. This outstanding GG#4 strain of cannabis won the award for Best Hybrid Flower at the 2015 World Cannabis Cup.

What is Gorilla Glue 4 Strain Like?

The G4 strain of cannabis typically contains a THC level between 22% and 34%, making it one of the most potent strains on the market. This of course, explains why it induces such a powerful state of relaxation and euphoria. It also contains between .05% and .1% CBD, and this will help to manage whatever aches or pains you may have, as well as some of the other medical conditions mentioned above. In terms of its flavor, it has been described by various users as having a peppery aroma, a diesel tinge, a chocolaty flavor, and an earthy presence that satisfies and intrigues. 

Smoking GG4

The first time you smoke GG4, you might literally be overwhelmed about halfway through the joint. It will make you feel as relaxed as you have ever been, and you’ll probably be perfectly content to melt into the sofa and stay put there for a week or two. Compared to other strains, GG4 delivers a deeper experience, and makes you feel very content, very satisfied with everything around you. If you enjoy bingeing television shows, smoking some GG4 will put you in the perfect frame of mind for it, because you’re quite willing to sit and stare at the screen for long periods of time. Whenever you have some GG4 in the house, you’ll feel more fulfilled, because you’ll know you can expect to enjoy that same feeling of safety, security, happiness, comfort, and joy. Smoking GG4 will allow all these feelings to gradually overtake you, and leave you in a much happier, more content state.

What are the effects of the GG4 Strain?

If you were to read a number of reviews from people who have enjoyed the GG4 strain in the past, you’d find that the reviews are almost universally positive. Many are even spectacularly complimentary, and were written by users who were pleasantly surprised at its potency and ability to induce extreme relaxation. Since it has a relatively low CBD content, it cannot be expected to treat some of the more serious mental and physical issues people have, but it’s ideal for managing headaches and migraines, insomnia, loss of appetite, arthritis pain, and slipped disc pain. It will probably not be effective at handling more serious problems like nervous disorders, seizures, and cancer – but there are few strains capable of accomplishing this anyway.

Some people describe GG4 as delivering more of a head-high because of the powerful state of euphoria it provides, but others claim that it delivers a whole-body effect that relaxes every muscle in the body. Any strain of cannabis will affect people differently, depending on a number of factors surrounding the actual smoking event. For one thing, your state of mind prior to smoking will have an impact on which direction the feeling takes you when it comes. If you do have some aches and pains, you’ll probably notice these easing away like water going down a drain – and that would tend to make you think this is a sativa-dominant body high.

Emotionally, someone smoking the G4 strain of cannabis will almost always run through a gamut of pleasant feelings that leave you fulfilled and content about everything. There’s just no way you could smoke this strain, and still end up feeling anxious or stressed – all those negative feelings will be banished for the duration. The Gorilla Glue strain is unique among all other cannabis strains for its flavor, its potency, and these awesome feelings that it imparts to the connoisseur who has the good taste to choose it.

What is the GG#4 strain good for?

One of the things you’ll like best about the GG#4 strain is its consistent ability to make all your little aches and pains disappear within a few minutes of lighting up. The slow-building euphoria works quickly to remove any physical ailments you might be experiencing, and it allows you to forget any physical problems you might have. Over the years, some people acquire chronic pain in the knees or elsewhere that they might manage with aspirin or Tylenol, but which can also be handled with cannabis. As opposed to using other strains of cannabis, you’ll find that GG#4 is the most effective strain for making you pain-free, and for forgetting the fact that your aching knees have walked and run too many miles in the past.

For some, it’s the knees. For a number of other medical marijuana patients, GG#4 delivers different kinds of benefits that make it very appealing. Anyone who is bothered by persistent stress or anxiety can have that blown away by spending an evening on the sofa with GG#4. It’s also very good at defeating depression, with a great many patients swearing by its ability to leave depression at the door. Many people who have difficulty sleeping might want to turn to this strain, because at the end of an evening spent enjoying GG 4, a great night’s sleep will almost always follow. The deep state of euphoria is generally succeeded by a very deep sleep that will leave you wondering why you were ever bothered by insomnia in the first place. And if you’ve been plagued by lack of appetite – try Gorilla Glue a few times, and your appetite will be back in great shape.

Is there a best time to enjoy Gorilla Glue 4 strain?

It’s much better to enjoy this great strain of cannabis in the evening, perhaps after a long work day when you’re ready to unwind. If you were to enjoy it in the morning, you might find it difficult to find the motivation to carry out whatever tasks or activities you had planned for the day. When all those tasks have been performed for the day, and you’re ready for some down time – that’s the ideal time to enjoy some Gorilla Glue cannabis. At that time, there will be nothing to bother you, nothing that needs to be done, nothing to interfere with your profound enjoyment.

Find a medical marijuana doctor near you

If you’d like to know if Gorilla Glue can be effective in treating your specific physical and/or mental ailments, contact us at MMJ Health to book an appointment with one of our specialist doctors. He/She can explain to you how effective GG 4 might be in managing your symptoms, and whether or not you can expect to experience relief. When you book your appointment, be sure to have your medical marijuana card handy, so we can be sure you’ve already been approved for treatment, and are in the state system.If you don’t already have this card, you can apply for it with us at MMJ Health, and we’ll submit your application to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMUR). A recent change to the laws governing the purchase of medical marijuana in Florida means you can now purchase up to 2.5 ounces of your favorite cannabis in any rolling 35-day period. If you’re an approved medical patient, we’ll be happy to discuss with you how this strain of cannabis may be able to manage your issues, and improve your quality of life for the future.