Marijuana for Diarrhea: Does it Help? Diarrhea is a highly distressing issue concerning the digestive system, ranging from mildly inconvenient to highly debilitating. When seeking relief, people often explore a range of home remedies, and one unconventional option that has gained attention in recent years is marijuana. However, the question remains: does marijuana truly offer […]

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Can You Travel With Medical Marijuana? Traveling with medical marijuana can be a complex issue, especially considering the differing regulations from state to state. Medical marijuana is legal in Florida, but there are specific guidelines and regulations in place that affect legality. Similarly, when it comes to traveling with medical marijuana, there are several factors […]

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Do Cannabis and Coffee Mix? Coffee has been a big part of our morning routine for decades. However, many people also recognize the “wake and bake,” or consumption of cannabis, to be just as essential to their morning ritual.  But what happens when both of them are combined? This article will focus on the individual […]

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Ditch The Cannabis Before Your Theme Park Visit Federal and state laws in the US are easing around the consumption of medical cannabis. This traction is also triggering studies across the country, many of which have concluded in favor of this drug. Despite the growing acceptance, several well-known theme parks have banned the consumption of medical marijuana on […]