What To Do If You Get Too High

There is something extraordinary about having a solution to a range of ailments that is natural and easy to use, and medical marijuana is one such solution. From anxiety and depression to chronic pain and insomnia, medical cannabis is there to help. Most people have positive experiences with medical marijuana prescribed by Florida medical marijuana doctors, but some moments can be too much to handle.

How You Got too High

You may not believe it, but there is such a thing as being too high. The goal of medical marijuana is to make you feel well, not worse. Too much of a good thing can make you feel out of control and in some cases, paranoid. When you use medical cannabis edibles, it’s easy to over-consume and eat too much of a good thing. The THC content in edible medical marijuana products takes much longer to absorb, so you think one dose of a cannabis brownie isn’t enough and before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole plate! This overeating is a way you can over-consume medical marijuana, and if you are new to medical marijuana, you are going to learn a very hard lesson in potency! Getting too high can happen, and it makes a pleasant experience reasonably uncomfortable. The only positive here is that you won’t do it again!

The good news is that a marijuana overdose won’t kill you, so while you may feel like you have had enough, the distress and discomfort that come with it can make you feel low and unhappy, but you can avoid it!

What It Feels Like to Get Too High

Medical cannabis is non-toxic, but too much and the effects are really not pleasant. Some of the signs you’ve taken a little too much include:

  1. You are going to experience what’s known as “green out” – which affects your blood sugar levels. They drop too low, which is where you experience weakness and sickness. The nausea is not pleasant at all!
  2. Paranoia is common as a side effect of cannabis, but anxiety and paranoia are usually not side effects of medical marijuana. 
  3. The shakes are a sign that you have taken too much. They can last up to half an hour as the THC stimulates the central nervous system way too much!
  4. A mouth that feels excessively dry and “full of cotton” is a symptom of too much medical marijuana. Staying hydrated is critical, but when you’ve had too much, no liquid will quench your thirst.

What Do I Do If I Get Too High?

If you have taken more than your prescribed dosage by Florida medical marijuana doctors, then it’s time to try to come down. The bad news is that the majority of the time, you’ve got to wait it out. The effects can sometimes take time to kick in, and then the comedown is hard to cope with as it moves out of your body. There are some simple things that you can do to alleviate the high you’re experiencing, and those include:

  • Relax and slow your breathing down. The panic is a side effect you really don’t want to deal with, and if you are experiencing paranoia and panic, then you need to take a deep breath in and out and bring your heart rate down.
  • Go into a calm space and lie down. You need some peace, and the nervousness and paranoia are just not fun to deal with at all. Try a movie in the background or calming music.
  • For some, too much medical marijuana causes a lot of nervous energy. Burning off that energy is vital for comfort, so get outside and go for a walk.
  • Consume something citrus-based. Lemons and limes can help you to knock down a fairly intensive high and makes you feel fantastic. You can pop some fruit into your mouth, and the enzymes will decrease those THC effects.
  • Have a cup of your favorite coffee. You may be feeling too high, but coffee can work to decrease the effects of medical marijuana.

The key is to work on what will take your side effects down and make you feel in control again. You shouldn’t have to feel out of control because of the cannabis that you’re ingesting, and if you get too high, you need to learn the comedowns so that you can get back to feeling like your usual self once more. There are some other specific tips and dosage titrations that can help prevent or mitigate the symptoms of over-consuming. Our licensed professionals will cover that information and more at your appointment.
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