Close Up of A Woman Rolling A Pre-Roll

Learn How to Roll a Pre-roll

Medical marijuana doctors in Florida prescribe medical marijuana for a variety of conditions.  One of the most iconic ways to use medical cannabis is in a pre-rolled form. It’s an excellent way to ensure you enjoy the full flavor of your flower. After your marijuana doctor prescribes the product, you should learn how to roll it.

There are several opinions on how to roll medical cannabis. Whichever approach you use, you want to ensure the end product burns smoothly and evenly.

The perfect pre-roll is achieved when the tip is wider than the mouthpiece. This is why you need to sharpen your skills to pull out a beautifully done cone. You also need to gather the necessary materials together first.

  • The strain of medical marijuana you like most or recommended by your medical marijuana doctor
  • Rolling papers
  • Pen or toothpick
  • Crutch or filter tip

Step 1

The first step is to grind up your medical marijuana, which should be easy if it’s well dried. A grinder will do the job correctly to prevent your hands from getting sticky.

Step 2

Make a filter out of thin cardboard. Make a few accordion folds at the end of the paper and roll it to the desired thickness. The filter isn’t necessary but will keep your marijuana from falling off or burning your fingers. 

Step 3

Fill the paper with the amount of ground-up marijuana you want. If this is your first time, try with half a gram to one gram. Begin to form and roll the pre-roll with your fingers.

Step 4

Pinch the paper between the ends of your fingers and roll it backward and forward between them. This helps to pack the crushed medical marijuana to the final cone shape.

Step 5

This is the final step that will either hold your cone together or break it apart. Take the unglued side of the paper and tuck it into the cone. Roll it up and tack down one end of the paper using the glued edge. Use just a little moisture for this process.

As a tip, you should start with the crutch side. This way, it’ll be easier to guide the paper as it goes around itself.

After tacking down on one end, work all the way down to the rest of the seam. The idea is to tuck and seal the pre-roll to the very end of the cone.

Step 6

This is where you finally finish packing the end of the pre-rol. Ensure you do this carefully to help your pre-roll burn evenly. The pen will come in handy at this point. If you don’t plan to use your pre-roll right away, twist the tip to close it. The only remaining part is for you to enjoy your joint when you’re ready.

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