Cannabis Flower and Concentrates

Edibles vs. Concentrates: Which is for You?

Modern cannabis users have many choices at their disposal. They can opt for the type of strains they want to use, the dosages they want, and even their preferred way of consumption. While such liberty has enabled the US cannabis industry to scale massively over the years,  newbies often tend to feel intimidated by so many choices.

Countless comparisons can be made in the world of cannabis. However, for this blog, we’ve chosen edibles and concentrates. In this blog, we will tell you the basic differences between the two, their benefits, and why one may be a better choice for you over the other.

What are Edibles?

Edibles in the cannabis industry are different products that are dosed with different amounts of cannabinoids (mainly THC and CBD). These products can be anything from foods like chocolates and gummy bears to beverages like sodas, teas, and coffee. Edibles are often dosed on a per-unit basis, so you can calculate how much of the cannabis you are consuming with each unit of consumption (for example, a unit of a chocolate bar is a single square).

Since they are edibles, they are taken orally and digested before reaching your bloodstream, which means that their on-set times are usually longer. However, once an edible kicks in, the buzz can stay intact for several hours.

What are Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are among the most potent forms of cannabis without any impurities or excessive compounds. They contain all the key cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant, hence a concentrate!

To get a better understanding, 1mg of a regular cannabis extract may contain 0.7mg of the actual cannabinoids you want and 0.3mg of excess plant material. On the other hand, 1mg of a cannabis concentrate will contain 1mg of the desired cannabinoids and 0mg of excess material.

Concentrates are normally consumed through dabbing – a way of turning the potent concentrate into vapor for inhaling. This is also why concentrates are often referred to as “dabs”. Since concentrates are highly potent, a very small portion is used during a single session.

Which Is For Me? 

The thing with edibles is that they are very easy to measure and administer. If you consume two boxes of a THC-induced chocolate bar, you know precisely the amount of THC you have consumed.

On the other hand, measuring dosages is extremely difficult with concentrates – predicting the needed dosage when dabbing comes with experience. Furthermore, the process of dabbing requires several pieces of equipment and some prerequisites.

This is why concentrates are often solely used by experts or avid users. If you are a new user, it can be easier to start your cannabis journey with edibles. 

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