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With cannabis legalization becoming more common and popular across the entire United States, there seems to be some major concerns regarding the drug-impaired driving laws. A myth has been widely spread that cannabis legalization has led to an increased number of car crashes across the country. The Change in Drug-Impaired Driving Laws There have been […]

Recreational marijuana is finally legal in another U.S. state, New Jersey, after overcoming many obstacles and delays. After the bill for legalizing recreational marijuana across New Jersey failed in the state legislature, a national-level ballot was conducted. The voters approved it by showcasing an overwhelmingly supportive response for the legislation to pass. Though the bill […]

Trulieve Palm Beach Gardens is now open! Here at MMJ Health, we celebrated 4/20 by visiting the official opening of the new dispensary location! Located in Palm Beach County, Florida and only 77 miles north of downtown Miami, the new Trulieve location’s opening was the perfect way to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday. Who is Trulieve? […]

Though the last year has been tough for everyone across the globe with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we can undoubtedly find some silver linings associated with the year 2020 as well. The top thing among them is the extended legalization of cannabis in multiple countries across the world. The spread of the virus […]

This April at MMJ Health, we’re celebrating 4/20 with a big announcement – we’re pleased to announce that our friends Trulieve are officially opening a new dispensary location on April 20th, 2021 in Palm Beach Gardens! Located in Palm Beach County, Florida and only 77 miles north of downtown Miami, the new Trulieve location is […]

Regulation of Medical Marijuana in Florida A new bill is on its way to the Florida House, with the intent of limiting the THC percentages to more than 485,000 licensed medical cannabis patients in the state. The bill was recently approved by the Florida House Professions & Public Health Subcommittee, and is proposing a 10 […]