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Cannabinoids May Help with Pathological Tremors

With the increased legalization of cannabis across the globe, there’s a lot of opinions on cannabis legalization, it’s uses and how it should be used amongst consumers and the general population. Some find cannabis to be a highly beneficial plant and believe that it could possibly help most chronic diseases. In contrast, others believe it to be a compound with no health benefits and that it should not be legalized. 

With the increased spread of rumors and misconceptions that are not backed by research regarding cannabis, it has become integral for the researchers to take the lead and develop more research-backed information about the plant. 

Study Highlights That Cannabinoids Could Help with Pathological Tremors 

Considering the need for research, a related study has been conducted shedding light on how the cannabinoids found inside cannabis and the human endocannabinoid system are likely to react with the star-shaped cells within the human spinal cord, known as spinal astrocytes. These spinal astrocytes have receptors displayed on the surface to bring a noticeable reduction in pathological tremors. 

Though it is common to experience involuntary movements of body parts for human beings, pathological tremors could be referred to as experiencing that continuously and are associated with motor disorders, generally caused by either traumatic head and spine injuries or diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and neurodegenerative diseases. The researchers have determined that cannabinoids deal with such motor disorders by regulating the metabolites, purines and building the blocks of nucleic acid, which further regulates the electric signal transmission. 

These researchers used a mouse model to conduct this study to determine how cannabis could help to treat tremors, a motor disorder condition often caused by traumatic head injuries or diseases that impact the neural veins, resulting in the shaking of limbs of the head. This condition is common amongst humans, with an estimated 200,000 people being affected every year in the United States. Thus, it’s become crucial to discover a solution that may help those affected. 

The study was mainly focused on essential tremors, which are known for causing involuntary shaking and causing a serious impact on the quality of a patient’s life. However, it also highlights that cannabinoids could be useful in treating spinal cord injuries and diseases such as sclerosis, for they also cause involuntary shaking of body parts. 

The Spinal Cord Treatment for Pathological Treatments 

The researchers highlight that injecting cannabinoids into the human’s spinal cord activates astrocytes and prompts them to release a substance, adenosine, which is likely to bring a decline in nerve activity and, eventually, in the undesired shaking. These outcomes could put the foundation for targeted treatment of pathological tremors with little or no side effects. 

How Is Spinal Cord Treatment Effective Than Others?

There have been certain concerns about the method, injecting cannabinoids into the spinal cord and treating pathological tremors via the astrocytes. However, the researchers have made it clear that there could be an alternative method such as focusing on the treatment via cannabis-induced products. In that case, the patients would be exposed to more expanded side effects of the compound and this would involve neurons in the process. In addition, including neurons could impact the patient’s cognitive abilities and memory, making the treatment trickier with an increased risk factor. 

To be specific, limb movements begin at the spinal cord, further expanding into voluntary and involuntary movements. The motor neurons inside the spinal cord trigger the muscles to cause this movement.  Involuntary tremors occur when the motor neurons send out conflicting signals. By thoroughly studying how the motor neurons work with cannabinoids in the spinal cord, the researchers have better understood the benefits of using cannabis for patients with pathological tremors. 

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