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Blue Cheese Strain: A Complete Guide

If you are a new cannabis strains enthusiast, you may not have heard about the Blue Cheese strain. Many cannabis strains have been around a while, Blue Cheese being among them. This strain has been one of the most potent, flavorful, and unique strains for over twenty years. What makes this cannabis strain so unique and popular? This cannabis strain guide aims to give you more information in that direction. 

What is the Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain?

The strain Blue Cheese originated from the United Kingdom but spread worldwide like wildfire. The breeders crossed parent plants, a hybrid (UK Cheese), and an indica (Blueberry). The result was a THC-packed strain with a cheesy aroma. With a bit of creativity, the breeders added a few genetic twists to the original Cheese strain and developed different cheese strains, among them the Blue Cheese, whose flowers are light green with a bit of blue-violet hues.

The Blue Cheese buds are resin-coated and have a shiny appearance. The flowers are different hues of yellow/green with streaks of orange, tightly wound, and fine curly hairs or pistils. Blue Cheese indica, as its informally called, falls under indica, with approximately 80% indica and 20% sativa genetic makeup. Unlike the conventional indica strains, the potential effects of Blue Cheese are a lot more subtle and seem to wash over your body, giving relief with many therapeutic advantages. 

One of Blue Cheese’s most defining aspects is its fascinating flavor and aroma, suggestive of actual cheese. According to most people, the aftertaste has a sourness resembling Gouda or Parmesan cheese. However, it also features a blueberry fruity flavor that is more apparent with inhalation. The potential effects associated with the Blue Cheese strain seem to induce creativity for most users, and its suggested use is in the evening or at night. It pairs well with arts and crafts, nature exploration, knitting, yoga, or watching movies.

Blue Cheese Strain Medical Benefits

The Blue Cheese cannabis strain has many medicinal benefits related to indica strains. However, Blue Cheese does not cause the user to feel an immediate desire to sleep, but the feeling comes on slowly as the high takes effect. People who suffer from pain, anxiety, depression, and migraines can benefit from Blue Cheese.

Also treatable by the Blue Cheese strain are conditions like ADHD and traumatic stress, manic depression, or bipolar disorders, which strongly affect sleep. Users have reported the strain to have a body high that starts as a slow feeling of relaxation, which becomes a euphoria that engulfs the whole body. Most users report the dry mouth after effect, which users can counter with pre-hydration. 

Even with the considerable THC content present, Blue Cheese’s calming indica levels are less likely to induce anxiety or paranoia caused by THC for users with a predisposition, making it suitable for most users.

Blue Cheese Strain Terpenes

The Blue Cheese cannabis plant contains notable terpenes, which are natural compounds that give the plant its unique smell and taste. In their natural state, while the plant is alive, they are known as terpenes but become terpenoids once you dry and cure the cannabis plant.

Some terpenes may affect the endocannabinoid system in our bodies the same way cannabinoids do. The difference is in how our bodies absorb and utilize the compounds.

The major terpenes in Blue Cheese are:

  • Beta-Caryophyllene-0.45%

Beta-Caryophyllene has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain. In a study on animals, beta-Caryophyllene decreased pain caused by nerve pain and inflammation. The study suggested that this analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect might be used in chronic pain treatment.

  • Pinene-0.26%

Alpha pinene is a common terpene in many plants. In cannabis, it wards off pain, anxiety, germs, and inflammation when inhaled.

  • Limonene- 0.22%

Limonene is common, and most people can recognize the scent. This terpene gives the rinds of oranges and lemons their smell. A study notes that limonene has these properties:

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Anti-viral
  3. Anti-oxidant
  4. Anti-diabetic
  • Humulene- 0.13%

This terpene gives a cannabis strain a smell like freshly cut herbs and hops in high concentrations. Humulene may have the potential to prevent asthma and allergic reactions. Humulene works well with beta-caryophyllene.

Beta-caryophyllene is the terpene that works with cannabinoid receptors, strengthening its appetite-suppression properties, another encouraging effect. The Blue Cheese strain’s concentration is too little to give off the hop or herb taste and smell.

How Do Terpenes Affect People?

Most terpenes affect the body (bioactive). This effect depends on the terpene concentration and how the user uses it. Terpenes have vibrant smells, and inhaling the scent may affect you and your stress levels.

The entourage effect is how terpenes interact with the endocannabinoid system and affect the high you get after using cannabis. This means that terpenes alter or enhance the effects of CBD(Cannabidiol) and THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) in the body. Researchers are still doing medical research on terpenes, and some may be used for medical purposes. A study notes that numerous terpenes have established beneficial effects and could be helpful in alternative therapy or medicine. The Blue Cheese strain cultivation is easy and does best in cool temperatures. You can grow it indoors, and it has a large leaf to calyx ratio. It takes from eight to ten weeks to flower.

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