What is CBD And How Can It Help?

The consumption of CBD has progressed as it has become a tool that may benefit the overall wellness of humans. 

From coffee shops selling CBD lattes, to spas offering CBD beauty facials, and beauty product manufacturers coming up with hemp and CBD oils and lotions, you may find products consisting of hemp CBD practically everywhere.

Helping people to release anxiety and individuals suffering from arthritis, CBD has become a solution to many health issues. CBD from hemp is considered a supplement and it can be sold over the counter, at a health food store, or online. Because it is considered a dietary supplement it has far less standards of regulation for growing, processing, and lab testing than medical CBD. The products you get from a licensed Florida medical marijuana doctor have to come from a licensed medical marijuana treatment center, or a dispensary and they have higher standards of cultivation, processing, and lab testing because they follow the Florida Department of Health’s strict guidelines. This ensures the consistency and efficacy of the CBD. Patients can consult medical marijuana doctors in Florida to get instructions on medical CBD’s safe usage.

Let us talk a little more about medical CBD, how it affects us, its benefits, and more. 

What is Medical CBD?

CBD is a natural non-intoxicating compound present in the cannabis sativa plant. This natural substance is present in oils and edibles to instill a feeling of calmness and relaxation. 

Cannabis consists of two main ingredients CBD and THC. Medical CBD is a non-psychoactive product and the myth that CBD produces intoxication is false. There are no properties of sedation or euphoria present in medical CBD as confirmed by experts.

The molecule that is responsible for the intoxication in cannabis products is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC can elevate the anxious feelings in the mind. The properties of THC are mildly psychoactive and can produce the euphoric-like feelings that people associate with a buzz or getting high. However, medical CBD is used by doctors to help people in recovery and can be used to help counteract and mitigate the buzz one would get from THC. 

What Are the Differences Between THC and Medical CBD? 

As we have discussed, THC is the actual psychoactive compound in medical marijuana. It combines with two receptors in our brains and governs our mood, pain, and other emotions. That is why THC has the tendency of making you feel intoxicated and euphoric. 

However, the medical CBD does not possess these properties. If anything, it binds with other elements in our bodies working for our better health and overall well-being. Medical CBD is mostly preferred by the consumers for its pain management characteristic.

Health Benefits of Medical CBD.

According to the latest research, the medical CBD is considered therapeutic as it is relatively safe and possesses possible benefits. However, more research is being conducted. The following are the potential health benefits users have possibly experienced by using medical CBD. 

  • Anxiety and PTSD. 

Among people suffering from PTSD or extreme social anxiety, the use of medical CBD is quite common. In the experiment conducted by the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, it was observed that medical CBD reduces anxious feelings and social anxiety. People with stage fright or public speaking tasks prefer medical CBD as it helps them overcome nervousness and anxiety. 

Due to past traumas, people can experience latent distress and cannot recover from it easily. They often avoid anything that can trigger a response due to their past trauma. To treat these patients, combining medical CBD with psychotherapy showed reasonably better results to help them heal. 

  • Pain Management.

As discussed above, medical CBD shows positive results in pain management. It depends on the type of pain one is suffering from. Medical marijuana doctors have stated that medical CBD works well for pain but sometimes, it has to be combined with a small dose of THC for pain relief. In order to get medical CBD for pain management and relief, it must be recommended by a qualified licensed medical marijuana doctor, similarly to prescription medications. Your physician will go over the proper doses and a customized treatment plan with you based on your specific condition.

  • Insomnia. 

Medical CBD helps in treating sleep conditions. It assists people who have major symptoms of sleeplessness which keeps them restless all night. The dose is a major player for this treatment. For some people, a higher dose works well and for others lower dose suits them best. A proper dose of the medical CBD allows your body to have sound and peaceful sleep. THC products may also aid in treating insomnia. Many patients find relief from THC products when taken at proper doses, specifically, Indica strains tend to be more sedating and relaxing for patients dealing with insomnia.

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  • Epilepsy. 

Another potential benefit of CBD was discovered when it was tested to comprehend if it can treat epilepsy. In the year 2018, a medical CBD-based medicine was introduced to treat it which succeeded in showing positive results with slight uncertainty. As a result, people have started getting approved for a medical marijuana card in Florida to get the proper treatment for epileptic seizures. 

  • Heart Issues. 

Hypertension is one of the most common health issues the world is facing today. The use of medical CBD keeps the blood pressure stable for certain people, resulting in less risk of heart attacks and other cardiac issues. 

According to the researches, users of medical CBD have lower blood pressure. Their stroke volume has potentially decreased meaning the heart rate and blood flow are doing well. 

Effects of Medical CBD.

Over the years medical CBD has shown that it may aid in increasing multiple health benefits and has been used widely in the world. But be aware that medical CBD may also trigger some unwanted effects. The intensity differs from one consumer to another. 

The effects include:

  • Mood Swings. 
  • Drowsiness. 
  • Vomiting. 
  • Dry Mouth.
  • Anxiety. 
  • Appetite change. 
  • Nausea. 
  • Diarrhea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Concentration Problems.
  • Memory.  
  • Low Blood Pressure. 
  • Fatigue.  
  • Grumpiness. 

Precautions for Medical CBD. 

  • People suffering from liver disease are required to take a small dose of medical CBD by the prescription from their physicians.
  • Researchers have suggested that a high dose of medical CBD is not appropriate for Parkinson’s patients. It makes their tremors worse and muscles stiff. 
  • Children of 1 year of age or older must only consume medical CBD under an adult’s supervision by mouth and the dose must not exceed 25mg/kg every day. 
  • Medical CBD and its products are not a suitable option for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • If you have any other questions about precautions it is best to bring it up to a qualified medical marijuana physician to avoid any adverse side-effects.

With this detailed discussion on the medical CBD, we hope that you have understood its effects and benefits clearly. For more information, you can always contact the experts at MMJ Health. We are one of the finest medical marijuana licensing companies in Florida. Ask for our assistance today and fill out the form to know if you qualify for medical marijuana certification.