Rolling papers

Rolling Papers Explained

In 2017, over 55 million people in the US reported consuming cannabis daily. Cannabis consumption has only increased since then, with more states legalizing its medical and recreational use each year.

The increased use of cannabis has also elevated demand for cannabis consumption accessories – particularly rolling papers: thin papers used to encase cannabis for smoking. 

In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about buying and using rolling papers for a perfect smoking experience.

Types Of Rolling Papers

Much like there’s a variety of cannabis products on the market – there are also various types of rolling papers on the market that you can choose from.


This was and still is among the most commonly used rolling papers on the market. Their extremely thin profile is one of the main reasons behind the sheer popularity of rice papers. Consumers should note that because rice rolling papers are so thin, they are delicate and must be handled carefully so as not to tear them during the rolling process.


Hemp rolling papers have gained traction among users in recent years — partly due to hemp being such a sustainable crop. These papers are also composed of Sativa leaves, strengthening their association with cannabis. Furthermore, since these leaves are sturdy, they are perfect for rolling a joint without tearing the paper. Hemp rolling papers also have a mild taste which adds to the overall smoking experience.


With each passing year, flax rolling papers seem to decline in popularity as other papers continue to be introduced to the market. Many people do, however, still use them as they are considered among the safest papers for cannabis consumption.

Other Key Mentions

Wood Pulp is another popular rolling paper – it is extremely sturdy and very easy to roll. Since Wood Pulp rolling papers do have a very distinct taste, however, many users have begun to shy away from these papers and opt for other more mellow flavored options.

Which Rolling Paper Is Right for You?

Not all rolling papers are easy to use, which is why we have recommended the perfect rolling papers based on your skill level below:

New Users: If you are a new user, hemp rolling papers will be your best choice due to their sturdiness and overall ease of use. Additionally, you get to enjoy the mild flavor without affecting the aroma of your cannabis strain.

Intermediate Users: Rice papers will be a good choice if you are a mid-level user. Since they are more delicate than some other rolling papers, you need to practice rolling without damaging them. However, if done right, rice rolling papers can produce a smooth smoking experience for you.

Expert Users: Expert users can opt for ultra-thin papers on the market. They are difficult to roll due to how delicate they are but allow a cleaner hit with each puff.

How To Roll a Joint?

Rolling a joint is a simple and easy process to learn.

  1. Start off by grinding the strain well – you can use a grinder or your fingers
  2. Use thin cardboard and make accordion folds to make a filter
  3. Fill your ground strain into your rolling paper (use less than a gram if you’re not as familiar with how much you should use) 
  4. Roll the paper carefully to keep it from tearing or spilling the cannabis.
  5. Place the roll between your fingers and roll it back and forth for even distribution and a proper cone shape to appear
  6. Using the proper glue, glue one end of the rolling paper, roll the joint, and tack the other end onto the glued end
  7. Seal the roll to the tip by using glue or slight moisture

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