Moon Rocks Strain Cannabis Bud

Moon Rocks Strain: What is it?

Moon Rocks Cannabis

The best thing about being a cannabis user today is that you have countless strains to choose from. There are Indicas, Sativas, hybrids, strains with therapeutic effects, strains that offer a psychoactive buzz – the options are endless.
Amidst all this competition, there is one strain that has recently come into the limelight. Old users are coming back to this strain while new ones are dying to get their hands on it. In this blog, we will fill you in on one of the most beloved THC-based strains, Moon Rocks.

When it comes to experiencing a buzz from cannabis, recreational strains are the way to go. And when we talk about recreational strains, the Moon Rocks cannabis strains deserves a shoutout. Although the origin of this strain is a bit hazy, what we know for sure is that famed rapper Kurupt popularized the strain. 

Moon Rocks cannabis comes in a variety of alternatives. Different manufacturers indulge the strain with their own touch of class. One thing remains constant though and that’s the potency of Moon Rocks.

Almost all Moon Rocks strains boast over 50% THC, which makes them highly psychoactive. This is one of the reasons why you wouldn’t find many new users trying this strain out, whether they are smoking or ingesting it

Consuming this strain is not like smoking any other THC-induced cannabis. Moon Rocks, with its highly potent characteristics, provides you with a buzz like never before. You will experience the psychoactive effects throughout your body amplifying the overall consumption experience. What’s more is that once you’ve consumed it, the effects will last for a longer time than those of a regular strain.

Best Way to Inhale Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are extremely potent forms of cannabis. You can smoke, vape, or consume it in most other consumption methods. However, just ensure using glassware to deal with the immensely greasy characteristics of the strain. 

The only difference you need to take care of while consuming this strain is that its highly psychoactive nature makes it extremely difficult to enjoy in a social gathering or a night out. 

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of reasons why this strain is fun to consume, but the two key factors are its longer lasting effects (if consumed through dabs), and its strong psychoactive effects.

However, due to its strong buzz, it is often not recommended for new users. However, if you’re a regular user and used to consuming higher doses of THC, this strain may be worth trying. It is always recommended to consult an expert budtender or a cannabis doctor about the strains you consume and the dosages you take. 

If you’re consuming moon rocks through dabbing, it may also be a little inconvenient to clean the mess afterward due to the sticky and gooey characteristics of this strain.

Where Do I Find Medical Marijuanas Doctors Near Me?

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