How to Preserve Cannabis During the Winter

The storage of cannabis has several do’s and don’ts that are fairly standard overall. However, the exact guidelines can vary depending on your living arraignments, budget, aesthetic style, and geography. The article primarily deals with preserving cannabis in winter. The winter season is very different in Florida compared to winters in Vancouver. So, if you are a holder of the Florida medical marijuana card, these tips can help you store your cannabis through winters and beyond. In addition, it will ensure that your supply is not cut short due to improper storage. 

The proper storage of cannabis is important because improperly stored cannabis can dry out, lose potency and flavor. Furthermore, if not stored properly, mold can grow on cannabis rendering it dangerous. Additionally, this results in loss of cannabis and prompts a search for medical marijuana doctors near me so one can replenish their needed supply. Finally, this unnecessary resupply can become a financial strain if you cannot benefit fully from the medical cannabis you’ve acquired. 

The following tips for storing cannabis will increase the chances of it staying fresh, fragrant, and pleasant to consume for an extended period of time without losing its potency. 

Factors to Consider When Storing Cannabis

Proper storage is imperative whether you are a grower yourself or someone on the client end of things. There are four major factors that affect the vitality of stored cannabis. Light, temperature, humidity, and airflow are things to consider. Each of these factors can have an impact on how long the stored cannabis lasts. 

Light Factor

Several studies indicate that light is the factor most responsible for the degradation of cannabis. Direct sunlight has an adverse effect on stored cannabis. Even in-direct sunlight can be degrading and result in loss of potency. Therefore, it is critical that cannabis be stored in a location that does not get prolonged light exposure. 

The purpose of highlighting the point about in-direct light exposure is to ensure that it is clear that even prolonged exposure to the reduced light in winters can also be harmful. Therefore, the best way to store your cannabis is to store it in light-proof (opaque) containers. 


Humidity is a tricky factor when it comes to the proper storage of cannabis. Too dry and the cannabis will become dehydrated and lose potency, too high, and it faces the risk of growing molds. So for winter storage, the containment unit must maintain a certain level of humidity. Otherwise, the dryness will cause a loss of potency. The ideal humidity level for cannabis storage is between 59% to 62% RH (relative humidity). The loss of potency is not dangerous. However, the growth of mold is a cause for concern. If you have used any such cannabis, immediately contact a marijuana doctor to seek medical aid. 


Airflow represents how much oxygen is introduced to the container. The constant exposure to oxygen can cause your stored cannabis to lose potency. It is due to the degradation of THC to CBN. Furthermore, this constant exposure also results in a loss of flavor due to the degradation of terpenes. That is why it is recommended by most medical marijuana doctors in Florida that you store your cannabis in an opaque and air-tight container.


The last factor to consider when storing cannabis to preserve it through winter is temperature. The ideal temperature for storing cannabis is between 77ºF and 32ºF. It is imperative that the temperature is controlled, as mold thrives in temperatures above 77ºF. Still, anything below 33ºF (freezing point) can damage the buds and cause the breakdown of the structure rendering it less potent. 

For winter storage, ensure that your home or any other storage place is not maintained at a temperature higher than 77 ºF. Furthermore, storage of medical cannabis in fridges is not recommended, as the resulting fluctuations in temperature and humidity can make it susceptible to mold. And lastly, the best range for storing cannabis is between 60 ºF 70 ºF (i.e. 15 ºC to 21 ºC).

Possible Storage Time of Medical Cannabis

There is no fixed time frame in which cannabis can be stored without losing its potency or spoiling. However, by considering the stated factors in the previous section, cannabis can be stored for upwards of two years without any observable loss. But no matter how well the factors are accounted for, cannabis will degrade over time like any other organic compound. Terpenes and essential oils will dry out, and THC degrades into CBN.   

However, the factors stated above will keep your cannabis potent and fresh for short-term storage. Furthermore, you can ask medical marijuana doctors in Florida about products that can help you maintain the temperature and relative humidity of your medical cannabis containers. 

Additional Tips 

There are a few additional tips that can help preserve your cannabis during winter and in other seasons as well.

First, do not use plastic or metal containers even if they are light-proof and air-tight. Plastic is more problematic as they affect the smell and taste of the cannabis stored in them over time. Instead, use glass containers, and for an added seal, utilize a vacuum sealer to take out all the air of your jar before it is put in storage. 

And it may seem obvious but ensure that your storage container is clean and does not introduce any unwanted additions to your cannabis. 

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