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Ditch The Cannabis Before Your Theme Park Visit

Federal and state laws in the US are easing around the consumption of medical cannabis. This traction is also triggering studies across the country, many of which have concluded in favor of this drug. Despite the growing acceptance, several well-known theme parks have banned the consumption of medical marijuana on their property.

In fact, cases have happened where users with a valid Florida medical marijuana card and prescription have been jailed or escorted off the theme park property. This article highlights that matter, and more by covering the following topics in detail:

  • Laws regarding cannabis consumption on theme parks
  • How theme parks address cannabis possession cases
  • Reasons to avoid medical cannabis possession while visiting theme parks
  • Recommendation of leading medical marijuana doctors in Florida  

Laws Regarding Cannabis Consumption On Theme Parks

Medical cannabis was legalized in the sunshine state in late 2016. People with Florida medical marijuana cards have been enjoying the possession and consumption of this drug since then. However, laws at notable theme parks have remained as they were before the legalization of medical marijuana for a qualifying treatment, barring visitors from possessing the drug at any time while on the premises.

Florida Theme Parks Prohibit Medical Cannabis: Moves Dedicated Smoking Areas Off the Premises

Those who depend on medical marijuana have continually demanded to know the legitimate reasons behind the medical marijuana bans at these theme parks, but have not received any answers. The entities that own the theme parks shrug off these concerns by stating that they seek to ensure a “smoke-free environment” at all their properties.  

Previously, many of these adventure parks had dedicated smoking areas (for cigarettes and vapes) in their theme parks, which have now been removed in the post-pandemic update – these areas have now been moved outside the park. Medical cannabis, on the other hand, remains banned throughout all of these parks premises.

Medical Marijuana Banned, but Alcohol Allowed on Park Premises

However, though medical marijuana has been banned several large theme parks continue to serve another different drug on the premises – alcohol. All the while banning patients from carrying or consuming a prescribed drug for medical purposes.

For instance, most theme parks prohibit users from consuming medical cannabis, but serve alcohol and even permit opioids with a prescription.

Permitting Possession: The Consolation

A handful of theme parks like the Busch Gardens and SeaWorld offer a small consolation for not permitting the consumption of medical cannabis on their premises. They allow users to visit their parks in possession of their prescribed cannabis dosage, but they must leave the park if they need to take it – consumption still remains prohibited. Other parks confiscate the drug upon entry.

Other parks go even further by instilling concrete rules followed by legal action against visitors found to be in possession of cannabis while on their property.

How Theme Parks Address Cannabis Possession Cases

Theme parks in the U.S. have strict policies against possession and consumption of cannabis on their property.

For example, the world’s largest theme park, known for its famous mouse mascot is infamous for its unreasonably strict laws against cannabis. Users are not allowed to enter the premises while in possession of cannabis. Violating this law leads to time spent in theme park jail and to probable legal action.

A 69-year-old lady, Hester Burkhalter, was the victim of this policy when she was found in possession of CBD oil on the park’s property. She was prescribed to use this oil as a remedy for her leg osteoarthritis by her doctor. Hester faced time in the 10ft x 10ft room on the park’s premises, where she had to undergo a body cavity search. She was also charged with felony narcotics possession and waited for 15 hours to get released.

Another large park known for it’s classic movie rides and studio tour, also adheres to strict policies against cannabis possession, however, the repercussions are not as severe as in the case of its counterpart mentioned above. Violators will be escorted off the premises in addition to facing potential trespassing charges.

Similar to its two other large competitors, the last theme park known for its coasters and “thrills” also bans cannabis or any product derived from cannabis. Visitors found in possession of these products are immediately escorted off of the park’s property without refund.

Avoid Cannabis While Visiting a Theme Park

The whys behind the discrimination against medical cannabis and its derived products persists at some of the biggest theme parks in the U.S. is still unclear. It is also unclear why some parks practice more lenient policies upon violation, while others pursue serious legal consequences for the violators.

While the reason to ban cannabis from these sites is still under debate, advocates of these policies argue that the parks are private property – state and federal laws pertaining to private properties allow owners to determine policies at will.

However, visitors are also often unaware of the policies implemented by the theme parks and when they are updated. It is recommended to visit relevant pages and read about any potential updates. For example, one theme park no longer has designated smoking rooms at their parks, which means users have to go to outdoor locations for a cigarette or to vape.

Theme Park managements possess the right to file complaints at state or federal offices against visitors who violate their policies. In the case of cannabis consumption, visitors are often set free since the sunshine state allows medical cannabis consumption and possession.

 In short, if you are visiting a theme park, it is best to avoid carrying medical or recreational cannabis in any form to avoid the potential hassle and enjoy a great time with friends and family. Parks are private properties and the management has the right to enforce their own regulations under the state and federal guidelines.

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