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Can Cannabis Aid Your Immune System?

Both uses as non-users today have a consensus on the fact that medical cannabis does offer a broad range of therapeutic benefits. However, recently, experts have started suggesting that despite the pros of cannabis, excessive consumption may actually suppress our immune system’s response.

The question is, is it good that cannabis sometimes suppresses our immune systems?

In short, yes! If you are suffering from autoimmune diseases like psoriatic arthritis, or type 1 diabetes, then suppression of your immune system from cannabis consumption may be great news for you. On the other hand, cannabis may not be as beneficial for people who have a properly working immune system.

Cannabis Affects your Immune System 

There are two ways in particular in which cannabis plays a role in your body.

Immunomodulation: When the consumption of cannabis goes on to affect the entire immune system as a whole, the process is referred to as Immunomodulation. For example, both THC and CBD enable a user to experience Immunomodulation.

Immunosuppression: If cannabis goes on to impact different parts of your immune system, the process is referred to as Immunosuppression.

The way you consume cannabis also determines how your immune system will get affected. For instance, research suggests that consuming CBD orally through a pre-roll, vapes, or edibles will increase the concentration of cannabinoids in your lymphatic system by as much as 250 times.

This increase in the number of cannabinoids is good news for people whose immune systems aren’t working properly because the cannabinoids will suppress the inflammatory immune system response much more effectively.

The Limitations

As mentioned, consuming cannabis in larger quantities can help users suppress their immune systems, which may help in dealing with certain conditions. However, even if your immune system isn’t working properly, suppressing it could invite other potential diseases into the body, leading to harmful effects.

Furthermore, research suggests that cannabis treatment can be highly beneficial for individuals with immunocompromised illnesses like HIV may consume cannabis to stimulate appetite. Similarly, those dealing with cancer (another illness where your immune system is already disrupted) can consume cannabis to relieve nausea.

What’s the Verdict?

To put it in a nutshell, consuming high amounts of cannabis does suppress immune system function. Now, this may be beneficial for a person who is already suffering from a disrupted defense system. However, experts recommend that people with a healthy immune system don’t have the liberty to inject a large number of cannabinoids into their bodies.

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