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A Guide to Road Trips with Legal Hemp Products

A Guide to Traveling with Legal Hemp Products: Road Trips

Travel and cannabis have always been a challenging subject. Because of the matter of federal legality, you can’t take THC-bearing cannabis across state lines between two legalized states. But you can travel with hemp.

Hemp-based products are legal to cross federal boundaries (like state lines) because of the 2018 Farm Bill, which made all products derived from hemp-grown cannabis federally legal. You can travel with hemp flowers, vape, and other concentrates without legal concern. You can even travel with artificial THC molecules like Delta-8 across state lines. Except, of course, for the 12 states that have banned Delta 8, and the few with strange restrictions like California.

There is also the thorny matter of labeling, testing, and drug testing when it comes to hemp-based cannabis and travel. So let’s dive right in.

Hemp Products: Legal (Almost) Everywhere

The first thing you need to know is where hemp products are restricted. While hemp cannabis may be federally legal and able to safely cross state lines, states still have the right to internally ban certain substances. 12 have chosen to do so, including Colorado, New York, and Alaska.

If your travel passes through these states, it is not advised that you have any hemp-based products on your person or in your luggage or vehicle. You may benefit from skirting around these states, if possible, when taking a long road trip. Otherwise, you may have to clear your supply and restock in the next legal state.

It should also be noted that many of the “Delta 8 Legal” maps are incorrect, as states like Nevada denote Delta 8 as THC, but marijuana cannabis is legal so it simply becomes a legal controlled substance that you are allowed to have alongside your marijuana products. But watch out, some states like Colorado, Oregon, and Washington (notoriously pro-cannabis states) have banned synthesized THC in favor of the real thing.

States Where Delta-8 is Not Legal

  1. Colorado
  2. Idaho
  3. North Dakota
  4. Minnesota
  5. Iowa
  6. Oregon
  7. South Carolina
  8. New York
  9. Vermont
  10. Rhode Island
  11. Delaware
  12. Alaska

HHC Restrictions

HHC is pretty new on the market, and not officially THC, but several states identify it as a THC isomer and include it in the general ban.

  1. Arizona
  2. Arkansas
  3. Idaho
  4. Illinois
  5. Mississippi
  6. New York
  7. Utah

When It’s Not a Problem

Of course, if you are not carrying any THC over 0.3% or any THC-8 style isomers, then you can travel much more freely. Of course, in canna-unfriendly states, we still advise you to try the hemp-based travel tips below.

Traveling with Hemp Products: The Realistic Risks

Taking a road trip with cannabis is extremely enjoyable, and with hemp products, you can enjoy a truly multi-state journey. However, traveling with hemp-based cannabis should come with some precautions.

First, be aware if you are driving through a non-legal state where cops may be on the lookout to catch locals sneaking cannabis in from a nearby legal border or route. You might get pulled over on a routine stop and if you have anything that looks like cannabis, you could experience trouble even if you are not ultimately charged with a crime.

Of course, if you are not traveling on a road where the cops have a reason to search regularly, just minding your manners on the road will usually keep you from the hassle or worry of a stop in a non-legal state with hemp products in the car.

Topicals and Edibles: Much Less Sweat

You may be interested to know that traveling with hemp-based topicals or edibles is much safer than flower, vape, or concentrates. First, topicals can’t “get you high” no matter how much real, natural THC or its isomers you pack into the blend. You can thank your skin’s blood barrier for that.

Second, state laws tend to be much more lenient about edibles – and cops are less likely to see a box of brownie bites as a “drug in the car” when you are traveling.

Hemp-Based Travel Tips

You know the no-go areas and the potential risks. Now, how can you plan a fun road trip and avoid any hassle from bringing along hemp-based cannabis products? The key is to minimize the risk of trouble and make it easy to explain your products just in case a police officer has reason – any reason – to search your vehicle.

1. Closed and Labeled Containers

The first and best way to travel with “questionable” substances is to keep them sealed and clearly labeled. The labels on hemp products are often designed to show that there is 0-0.3% THC, that the products are derived from hemp, and that you can legally have them. Police officers who know what they are looking at should be able to recognize that your products are hemp-only after examining the containers.

Closed containers are also a way to indicate that you are not casually partaking in an untrusted substance while driving.

2. Open Containers Must be THC-Free

If you do have an open container (say, a vape pen in the cup holder) make sure it is entirely and legally THC-free. If you are snacking on CBD edibles, show the officer the box or bag and the low-to-no THC or Delta-8 content.

3. Keep Your Receipts

Prove where your hemp products came from by keeping the receipts. Match the name of the product with the itemized list on the receipt to show any concerned law enforcement which state your product was purchased in, when, and the official legality of the sale.

4. Pack Away Extra Products

Lastly, pack away any hemp products you are not using. Open or closed, being out of sight will also keep them off an officer’s mind. Even if your vehicle is searched, it is far more legal to have an open container packed into a zipped suitcase in the trunk rather than up with the driver.

Traveling with a Medical Marijuana Card

States do not currently honor each other’s medical marijuana cards. However, having a medical marijuana card in one state can make it easier to get a card in other states. Some states offer reciprocity and some will issue out-of-state medical marijuana cards if you call the correct authorities to request your card before you travel.

Traveling with the right medical marijuana card for your destination or the states you pass through can make it easier to secure cannabis on your journeys, which can reduce your need or desire to travel with cannabis in your luggage.

Vaping Hemp in Hotel Rooms

There are also a few other matters relating to traveling with hemp products that we will cover quickly. First: Hotels. If you are traveling with edibles, don’t worry about this one. However, anyone smoking or vaping should do so with courtesy, even if your products are legal within the state. Vaping can be done in the shower (or near the running shower and fan) without damaging the property or creating a smell, but smoking should always be done outside – or with the explicit permission to light up indoors from the host.

Driving Under the Influence of a Hemp-Based Isomer

Then there is the matter of driving under the influence. Do not drive if you are using a THC isomer above 0.3%. Cannabis has long (and appropriately) been included in driving under the influence – alongside NyQuil and the many other medications that make you sleepy or loopy. While CBD and CBG can ease back pain from long drives without slowing your reaction times, THC, HHC, and THC isomers should not be combined with driving.

While stoned persons tend to drive slowly rather than erratically, slow reactions can make it more difficult to prevent an accident. THC and its isomers can also decrease your ability to perform more complex driving tasks like crossing three lanes to turn left, backing up, or parallel parking.

Hemp Products and Drug Testing

Lastly, hemp THC isomers appear in a drug test as normal THC. If you are drug tested for any reason while traveling with hemp products, know that your liver is not aware of the thin legal line between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC. It processes it and leaves the same “metabolites” or chemical markers behind in your blood, urine, sweat, and saliva.

However, you can also bid to have your products tested. If you are not at risk of a DUI, simply proving that your products contained no Delta-9 THC (or less than 0.3%) can get you out of trouble for simply traveling with hemp-based isomers in your system.

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