WHAT IS CBD AND HOW CAN IT HELP? The consumption of CBD has progressed as it has become a tool that may benefit the overall wellness of humans.  From coffee shops selling CBD lattes, to spas offering CBD beauty facials, and beauty product manufacturers coming up with hemp and CBD oils and lotions, you may […]

The use of medical marijuana has been a controversial subject for a long time. Although, in 2016, medical marijuana was legalized in Florida under severe terms and conditions. Medical marijuana doctors in Florida have claimed that medical marijuana can potentially benefit patients suffering from chronic pains and different health conditions. That is why researchers are […]

In 2016, Florida state legalized medical marijuana when the state voters passed Amendment 2.  It appears to be a hopeful step for people who require medical marijuana for their chronic pain treatments prescribed by medical marijuana doctors in Florida.  The study, published by The European Journal of Pain, stated that patients who used medical marijuana […]