How Medical Marijuana Patients in Florida Are Consuming Cannabis For Their Needs

The use of medical marijuana has been on the rise across the United States, offering a range of potential health benefits for patients. This blog post will explore how medical marijuana patients in Florida are consuming cannabis to meet their specific needs. 

Understanding Medical Marijuana in Florida

Prior to discussing consumption methods, it is essential to provide a brief overview of the current laws and regulations surrounding medical marijuana in Florida. In 2016, Amendment 2 was passed, allowing qualified patients to access medical cannabis under the guidance of a licensed physician. It permits patients with qualifying conditions to obtain a Medical Marijuana Use Registry Identification Card.

The Various Options for Consumption

When it comes to consumption methods, medical marijuana patients in Florida have several options available to them. Each route of consumption has its own advantages and considerations, providing individuals with the flexibility to choose what works best for their specific needs.

Inhalation: Smoking and Vaping

One common method of consuming medical marijuana is through inhalation, either by smoking or using a vaporizer. Many patients prefer this option as it allows for quick onset effects and personalized dosage control. Smoking involves combustion and can cause irritation to the respiratory system; therefore, some individuals choose vaping as an alternative since it heats the cannabis without burning it.

Sublingual Consumption: Tinctures and Oils

Another popular option for medical marijuana patients in Florida is sublingual consumption, which involves placing drops or sprays of cannabis-infused oils or tinctures underneath the tongue. The compounds are absorbed through sensitive mucosal membranes directly into the bloodstream, bypassing digestion and delivering faster effects compared to oral ingestion methods.

Edibles: Capsules, Gummies, and More

For those who prefer not to inhale or use sublingual products, edibles offer an ideal solution. From capsules infused with THC or CBD oil to delicious gummies and chocolates, medical marijuana patients in Florida have a variety of choices. However, it is important to remember that the effects take longer to manifest compared to other methods due to the time required for digestion.

Topicals and Transdermal Patches

Medical marijuana patients in Florida seeking localized relief, such as for joint or muscle discomfort, may turn to topicals and transdermal patches. Creams, lotions, salves, and balms are infused with cannabinoids and can be applied directly to the affected area. Transdermal patches provide a slow release of active compounds that are absorbed through the skin.

Oral Consumption: Oils and Capsules

Oral consumption methods have long been popular among medical marijuana patients in Florida. THC or CBD oils and capsules offer a convenient way to consume cannabis discreetly. The effects take longer to kick in due to digestion processes but can last for an extended period.

Transdermal Patches

In addition to topicals, transdermal patches are another popular method of consuming medical marijuana among patients in Florida. These patches typically contain a combination of cannabinoids and other therapeutic ingredients that are slowly released through the skin. The patches are easy to use and provide long-lasting relief for conditions such as chronic pain and inflammation.


Suppositories might not be the most commonly discussed option when it comes to medical marijuana consumption, but they do offer unique advantages for certain patients. This method involves inserting a specially formulated cannabis-based suppository into the rectum or vagina, allowing for direct absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. It can be a preferred method for individuals who have difficulty swallowing or problems with gastrointestinal absorption.

Personal Preferences and Considerations

Choosing the right consumption method largely depends on personal preferences, lifestyle, and specific needs. Some individuals may find inhalation methods most effective at managing symptoms in real-time, while others prefer slower-release options like edibles or oral consumption.

It is crucial for medical marijuana patients in Florida to consult with their healthcare professionals before deciding on a specific consumption method. During these discussions, factors such as desired outcomes, potential side effects, dosing requirements, and individual medical histories should be carefully considered.


As medical marijuana continues to gain recognition as an alternative form of treatment in Florida, understanding the various options available for consumption is essential for medical marijuana patients. Whether it’s through inhalation methods like smoking or vaping or alternative options like sublingual tinctures or edibles, individuals have choices that cater specifically to their personal needs.

It is crucial for medical marijuana patients in Florida to always seek professional advice from licensed physicians trained in medical cannabis knowledge before determining which method best suits their particular health requirements. By considering personal preferences and important factors, patients can make informed decisions and enjoy the potential benefits of medical marijuana within the parameters of the law.