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All about 420? Try 420 Investing!

Lately, there has been a lot of drive towards investing in cannabis. After the 2020 presidential election, with the establishment of a Democratic presidential administration and Congress, there were high hopes in the industry, evident by the increase in stock prices. Although there have been disappointments because of slow progress towards federal cannabis legalization, leading shares to fall rapidly. Therein, you have your opportunity to invest in cannabis stocks. Right now, you may not get much of a return. After all, in the eyes of the federal government, it’s still illegal, which means the cost of capital, compliance, and taxes are higher. However, if it becomes legal, the valuation of these companies will explode, making your investment more likely to be quite valuable. For right now, don’t expect a huge return from cannabis investments (or, any return until growth continues).

Whoa, investing in 420? Absolutely and here are some of the top picks.

GrowGeneration Corp.

In February 2022, you can buy GrowGeneration Corp. stock for $8.49 per share and, right now, expect to get about $0.31 back for each share. GrowGeneration Corp. was founded in Greenwood Village in Colorado and focuses on providing organic products. In fact, that’s the basic mission of the company — providing people everywhere with organic products. This company is awesome because it has partnerships with some of the biggest brand names, allowing for the best in selection, service, and solutions — just as the company intended. In January 2022, GrowGeneration Corp. had 63 stores across the United States, from coast to coast.

GrowGeneration Corp. is a great investment for many different reasons. First, there’s a trend towards purchasing organic products, regardless of the type or purpose, and cannabis is no exception. Since there are so many partnerships that the company’s involved with, there is an opportunity for long-term growth. While the return may not be high, this company is growing and has the potential to become a major contender within the global industry, which means investors will have a great opportunity to earn long-term returns.

Village Farms International Inc.

Village Farms International Inc. stock sells for $5.13 per share and has no earnings per share at the moment. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Canada. It’s known for its greenhouse-grown vegetables. However, it has expanded into the cannabis and hemp business. Village Farms International Inc. believes that small seedlings lead to big growth, a pun on its focus on greenhouse-grown vegetables and sustainability through growth innovation. The cannabis industry was entered into during 2017 and, since then, Village Farms International Inc. has become a global leader in recreational and medical cannabis. Essentially, Village Farms International Inc. is all about the environment and sustainability. As a result, it’s a great option for green investors, as well as those that want to get into the 420 market.

Like many of the companies on this list, right now, you won’t get any return for your investment in Village Farms International Inc. However, it just entered the cannabis market in 2017 and, as a result of global changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s kind of like it just started. That’s because many of the changes caused by the pandemic are here to stay and Village Farms International Inc. is capitalizing on these opportunities. That means that the company is likely to grow quickly and, as a result, is more likely to have a return on investment in the future.

Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc.

Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc. stock sells for $20.04 per share and has an expected earnings per share of $0.59. Therefore, it is one of the most profitable cannabis stocks available. The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Pennsylvania. There are many roles that Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc. plays in the commercial market, because it works with subsidiaries to provide the tools needed to grow all kinds of plants. More recently, cannabis has been included in its list of things that are grown and sold — just not directly. Through the provision of materials needed for growth, this stock is a tremendous asset to the cannabis industry. Overall, the emphasis by Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc. is growing together. 

Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc. doesn’t deal directly in cannabis, but it’s a hot stock for the industry. That’s because there’s more to cannabis than just consuming the product. It’s got to be cultivated. That’s where Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc. Therefore, it’s likely that this company will expand further into the industry to accommodate any special needs. The innovation that it engages in is why the earnings per share are so low. However, this won’t always be the case. This company is strong on momentum, making it a viable pick for 420 investing.

Cresco Labs Inc.

Cresco Labs Inc. stock sells for $6.48 per share and has no expected earnings per share. This company is larger and focuses on the cultivation, manufacture, and selling of recreational and medical cannabis within the United States. The company is well-rounded and provides cannabis in almost every form that can be thought of, making it popular for many purchasers because, whatever the desire or need is, it’s likely that Cresco Labs Inc. has it. As a result, the company has solid revenue, which indicates growth. In fact, as of late January 2022, the company had expanded — owning and operating 48 dispensaries. The company’s mission is revolutionary as well, because it focuses on the normalization, professionalization, and revolutionization of cannabis across the world by providing cannabis that’s designed for individuals.

This company is hot and growing. The per share price is pretty low. Think about it. If you spent $1,000 today, you could get about 154 shares. Right now, it’s not worth anything. But, that’s how growing markets work. Remember when Apple wasn’t worth anything, then, suddenly, people were millionaires and billionaires? The same thing could happen here. Since Crsco Labs Inc has its hands on just about anything cannabis related (and we do mean just about anything), as more states become legal, sales will continue to increase. If the company expands to allow for international sales, the growth will be exponential.

Ayr Wellness Inc.

Ayr Wellness Inc. stock sells for $13.50 per share and expects no earnings to be paid out. Ayr Wellness Inc. operates across multiple states and offers concentrates, vaporizer, and edible products. Moreover, Ayr Wellness Inc. helps other cannabis companies with support services. The company has 45 dispensaries. This company is quite new and was incorporated in 2017. The major view of the company is that it creates wonder by focusing on the people it serves, creating innovative products, and building a better future.

The other companies in this list don’t mention working with other cannabis companies for support purposes. That makes Ayr Wellness Inc. unique and, as a result, could make it very profitable in the future. Moreover, the company’s still brand-new — barely 5 years old — so, there’s still a lot of room for growth. Right now, it’s uniqueness is making it a top contender for investments.

Verano Holdings Corp.

Verano Holdings Corp. stock sells for $12.36 per share and expects an earnings per share of $0.59. It is the highest earnings per share of the cannabis stocks shared in this list. The company was founded in Chicago in 2014. It’s one of the largest cannabis companies in the United States. Verano Holdings Corp. operates under the belief that cannabis can and should be better. Therefore, it uses innovative techniques to cultivate and produce the best products for customer consumption.

Verano Holdings Corp. is one of the most profitable on this list. It also isn’t pricey, but it is acknowledged that it does cost more than some of the other companies. This company is a national leader within the United States, making it a high-growth company. This means that it’s more likely that you’ll get a solid return on your investment — in time.

Jushi Holdings Inc.

Jushi Holdings Inc. stock goes for $3.94 per share and has no expected earnings at this time. However, this stock has been one of the most consistent in terms of pricing, suggesting stronger stability within its operations. This could make it a more viable investment in the long term. Jushi Holdings Inc. was founded in Florida in 2007. Jushi Holdings Inc. is known for its momentum, making it a great investment option. It is a vertically integrated company, working from cultivation to retail and distribution of cannabis products. To do this, Jushi Holdings Inc. is building a cannabis assets portfolio across the United States. Jushi Holdings Inc. seeks to be the future of cannabis, where the platform is the epitome of the new standard for a cannabis experience.

This stock doesn’t cost much per share. That means you can get a lot of bang for your buck. Well, maybe not bang. Expect the bang to come later. For example, investing $1,000 in Jushi Holdings Inc. could yield you about 254 shares. That could become very valuable in the future as cannabis is increasingly legalized across the United States.

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. 

Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. stock sells for $93.13 and has no current expectations of earnings per share. That doesn’t mean this is a bad investment. In fact, because of the expected growth of the company, this investment could prove to be quite lucrative. Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. was founded in Utah in 1997. The great thing about Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. is that it seeks to provide novel medicines globally to treat different disorders. By using innovative methods, including the use of cannabis, Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. expects to be able to better treat different disorders in a more effective and natural way.

This stock is the most expensive one on the list and has no expectation of earnings per share for the foreseeable future. However, it is expected to grow as people continue embracing novel medicines, including homeopathic and cannabis medicine. While you won’t get anything back now, it’s a good bet that you’ll get one in the future.

OrganiGram Holdings Inc.

OrganiGram Holdings Inc. stock sells for $1.53 and earns nothing per share at the moment. But, this company wasn’t selected because of it’s immediate payoff. The company was founded in New Brunswick in 2013. First, the company only focused on medical cannabis. Now, it focuses on medical and recreational cannabis, as well as aims to extend its global footprint across the world. Importantly, OrganiGram Holdings Inc. is known for its innovativeness in growing cannabis and producing new products. The company is unique in that it ships plant cuttings, blends, and dried flowers. While many cannabis companies provide cannabis, they don’t all provide cuttings and blends.

Not all the companies on this list are targeted to be global. However, this one has made it a part of its mission to expand globally. And it will… someday. Right now, it’s growing its brand in North America. With the same $1,000 used to invest in other companies, you could get 654 shares in this company’s stock. If the company grows enough, that could yield a very good payout.

Green Thumb Industries Inc.

Currently, Green Thumb Industries Inc. stock goes for $21.27 and you can expect to get $0.34 per share. It was founded in Chicago in 2014 and focuses on cannabis and cannabis products only, not just for medical use, but also recreational use. The company offers edibles, topical, and concentrates — just to name a few. Products are distributed in third-party retail stores and sells product in its own stores. As of March 2021, there were 55 retail stores associated with this company across the United States. The primary belief of the company is that the Earth can contribute to well-being.

This stock is also fairly expensive, but you’ll get a return as long as dividends are paid. However, the growth of this company is expected to be tremendous because of the many different options there are for purchasing. That could lead to a good return on your investment.

These are 10 of the top cannabis stocks available for investing. All have a tremendous capacity to make a difference in the cannabis industry in different ways. Even better — if cannabis becomes fully legal, these stocks will expand, leaving you with a nice chunk of money and playing a part in cannabis history.

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