Teens Marijuana Treatment Admissions Fell in States that Legalized The Implications of Legalization of Medical Marijuana Recent changes in perception of medical marijuana have led to its acceptance on a state level. This is the first time in decades that it is also being accepted culturally. While some states have legalized its use for medical […]

Buying Medical Marijuana and Legal Limits In 2016, Florida state legalized medical marijuana when the state voters passed Amendment 2.  It appears to be a hopeful step for people who require medical marijuana for their chronic pain treatments prescribed by medical marijuana doctors in Florida.  The study, published by The European Journal of Pain, stated […]

Cannabis now legal in the state of Montana Initiative 190 has passed legalizing recreational cannabis for Montana. Along with Initiative 190, Constitutional Initiative 118 amends the state constitution to set the legal age of cannabis consumption at 21. Ahead of the election, poll numbers revealed that 54% of likely voters supported legalization of cannabis on […]

Recreational & Medical Cannabis Legal in S. Dakota Two South Dakota ballot initiatives have been approved, making recreation and medical marijuana legal in South Dakota. Adults 21 years of age and older will be able to possess and distribute up to 1 oz of marijuana, as well as being allowed to cultivate up to three […]

Recreational Cannabis Now Legal in New Jersey By a wide margin, New Jersey voters approved a constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020. New Jersey’s legalization of marijuana is now putting pressure on neighboring states like New York and Pennsylvania to push for legalization as well. This new amendment is expected to […]

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About Medical Marijuana vs Regular Marijuana Since medical marijuana is still relatively new to Florida, many people aren’t aware of its uses and the laws that govern how it can be used. MMJ Health is committed to fostering patient education and making treatment as easy to understand as possible. Check out our article below to learn about the difference […]

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THCV: Everything You Need to Know How much do you really know about medical marijuana? Did you know that this complex plant contains more than 483 known organic compounds, many of which may have potential benefits to human health and well-being? As the medicinal values of marijuana are increasingly understood by the mainstream medical community, […]