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Food and medical marijuana

Discover the Foods That Enhance Your High Cannabis can be used for many medical reasons, but one of the most well known benefits of marijuana is its ability to stimulate appetite. This effect can be a great help to patients who have trouble eating due to the interaction of medications or other factors. Some patients […]

marijuana plant against yellow background

About Medical Marijuana vs Regular Marijuana Since medical marijuana is still relatively new to Florida, many people aren’t aware of its uses and the laws that govern how it can be used. MMJ Health is committed to fostering patient education and making treatment as easy to understand as possible. Check out our article below to learn about the difference […]

THCV chemical formula

THCV: Everything You Need to Know How much do you really know about medical marijuana? Did you know that this complex plant contains more than 483 known organic compounds, many of which may have potential benefits to human health and well-being? As the medicinal values of marijuana are increasingly understood by the mainstream medical community, […]